Reeth Mazumder is an indian bengali actress. She was born on October 9, 1991 at Kolkata, India. She is also a prior to that one of the most highly paid professional models of that country. Mazumder is one of the few actresses from India who have made a successful transition from Bollywood to world movies. Her grandfather, Nikunja Bhattacharya is a veteran editor in Bengali movies. Reeth shifted to Mumbai so that she could pursue a career in acting after her graduation in English Honours with the additional subjects of script writing, radio writing and marketing.

Reeth Mazumder started her actress career with Indo-Italian joint venture movie Visible Bra Straps in 2011. She also acting in Indo-French Film The Au Revoir in 2011. In 2012 she works in indian film Swen. Mazumder has also acting in Bangladeshi movie Porobashinee in 2014. She got most popularity by her newest hindi film named A Scandall in 2016.

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Shahtaj Monira Hashem is a newcomer younger and cute actress in Bangladesh. She was born on May 22, 1998 at Dhaka, Bangladesh. Hashem started her career as a model with Banglalink in 2014. She works in Banglalink Television Commercial (TVC). Afterwords, she works in another TVC of Alpenlibe Just Jelly. Shahtaj got most popularity as model after works in TVC of Banglalink and Alpenlibe Just Jelly. She is also a good ramp model. She works in many ramp shows in her modeling career.

Shahtaj got called for a Telefilm which named Chinigura Prem with Tahsan Rahman Khan. She got most known and populatrity by this telefilm. This telefilm gives her a blast in her career. Then she works in many bangla dramas (natok) in her acting career. She works with actor Salman Muqtadir and Shouvik Ahmed in bangla natok Masti Unlimited. Shahtaj also works in bangla natoks like Alpona Kajol and Problem Ta Ki?. She also works in some bangla music videos like Shudhu Tomar Jonno by Dhruba and Anmone by Shayan and Tasnia.

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